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Fallout (Book)
Author Chris Morphew
Illustrator N/A
Publisher Hardie Grant/Egmont
Publication Date May, 2012
Additional Information
Narrator Jordan Burke
Genre(s) Adventure, Science fiction, Young adult
Recurring Characters Luke Hunter

Peter Weir

Jordan Burke

Debuted Characters Kara


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Fallout is the fifth book in the Phoenix Files. It was first released on May 2012.



The town centre is now a concentration camp, and the last free people in Phoenix have been forced into hiding. Luke and Jordan have just two weeks to find the answers that will save the human race - but the one man who could help them is still unconscious.

Even as the days are disappearing, the questions keep piling up. Where is Tobias? Will Peter get over the fact Jordan doesn't love him? Can Jordan protect Luke from being murdered? And how can they do anything to save the world when the town is guarded by a dense surveillance network?

The clock is still ticking. There are 14 days until the end of the world.


Fallout is told from Jordan's point of view. It starts with Luke, Jordan, Reeve, Luke's dad, Kara, Soren and a girl who is extremely fast named Amy, sneaking into the weapons warehouse to get more weapons and ammo. They find helicopters and Luke's dad and Kara fly out to get someone from the outside to help. Everyone else goes back to the Vattel complex underground. Crazy Bill wakes up and starts digging, but won't tell anyone why. Peter keeps getting worse. Tank has decided that Reeve is his boss and does whatever he wants. Mike still thinks Soren is a powerful overseer and follows him around. Jordan and Luke see Mike sacrifice his life to take out the security system because Soren wanted him to. Crazy Bill tells Luke and Jordan that he is Peter and that he never made it back to the present after killing Luke. Luke, Jordan, Reeve, and a couple others leave to find Tobias in the Shackleton building, but can't. Shackleton doesn't seem to know who or what Tobias even is. When they get back to the complex, they find that Jordan's mom's baby has been born. He was named Abraham, after Jordan's dad, but Georgia reads the baby's mind and he tells her that his name is Tobias. The book ends with an electrified grid stretching out to the wall, completing the final lock-down procedures.